​Aedas Global Design Principal Dr. Andy Wen and Executive Director Yijun Qian led the team to create a waterfall-like office tower in a prime location near Taipei Arena. With rich Taiwanese office characteristics, it is designed to be a contemporary building with a focus of urban texture, architecture and people.

The tower enjoys an excellent urban interface as well as a convenient transport connection, as it is located in the junction of major roads namely Fuxing North Road and Section 2 of Changan East Road. The square plot is only 15 minutes away from the landmarks including Taipei 101 and Chiang Kaishek Memorial Hall. ‘Adopting the aesthetics of simplicity and authentic culture, the tower drew inspiration from the Shifen Waterfall in Taipei. The motion of waterfall is perfectly captured to the bold architectural form, creating a partially undulating façade that glitters in the city.’ Andy describes. The form flows as the waterfall, creating a dynamic shape for the tower with a cascading silhouette to optimise the massing and site area.

The sinuous façades with soft edges are expressed in coppery panels as the main façade element, whilst the dark tawny panels are displayed through an inwardly concave arc to create a glass wall of contrasting colours. To minimise the light pollution and to create an energy-efficient building, a semi-exposed framing curtain wall is adopted by using glass panels of reflectance less than 0.25.

Optimisation of glass panels Extending the fluid façade into the landscape and entrance area, white and light grey floorings are used. A recreational communal space is created with seats and greenery, hence creating a serene office environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The lobby greets the staff and visitors by using streamlined white marble wall and bronze fins which create a modern arrival experience.

A flexible office layout consists of an outdoor balcony and rooftop garden, bringing the nature in and providing a relaxing outdoor space for interaction. The design provides a biophilic and blurred exterior-interior public space, ensuring a people-centric working environment that people can strike a balance between work and recreation.

‘The tower marks itself as an urban icon with a simple yet powerful architectural form. It makes a strong statement on the skyline, especially with a unique urban context and aesthetics in the city.’ Yijun says.


Gross Floor Area: 21,644 sq m

Design and Project Architect, Interior and Landscape Designer: Aedas
Design Directors: Dr. Andy Wen, Global Design Principal; Yijun Qian, Executive Director


Aedas Ltd