Mehraz FFrahani
Born: march 29, 1986 (age 33 years), Tehran, Iran
Mehraz Ffrahani is a young Iranian Scientist, Architect and psychologist. He gained his master of architecture degree, and two Phd in Clinical Psychology and Urban Design.
In more than 19 years he has worked in multiple design fields, like architectural design (interior and exterior), landscape, structure, urban planning, parametric design and CG art and since 2006 he became more interested in considering sustainable issues( energy, social, cultural, economical and etc ) in his projects.
He worked as project architect in some international architecture projects in malaysia( urban planning ), netherland ( residential complex ), Georgia Tbilisi ( 5* hotel ) and some others. He is a 2-times finalist of 2A Continental Awards for Europe, Asia, Africa and America ( north and south ) Awards, 1-time nominee for conceptual design of 2A Continental Awards in Madrid, , 2-times nominee for both commercial and sustainable project of the year for 2019 Middle East Architect, 3- times finalist of Mirmiran Conceptual Design Award, Architecture and Cinema-2013 (7th place) , High-rise Architecture for Future-2015 (4th place), Architecture, Light and Shadow-2017(2nd place),and also finalist for birdman-lake bridge and a brand building international competitions. His Artworks in architecture, painting and photography also were exhibited in Iran, 2016.
His practice of architecture includes many types of projects, ranging from small projects to commercial office Complexes, Residential complexes and the most important, Concept projects. He is also experienced in music (piano, guitar and progressive rock singer), abstract painting, Photography, philosophy, astrology, fashion and industrial design, as a result of which he designs on the basis of all the above and some applied sciences such as math, biology, chemistry and physics.
As a clinical psychologist since 2011, and neurologist, since 2015, his passion and concern changed in to cure mental disorders with architectural design and subcategories ( interior and exterior, landscape, and also urban view and every other places ) which are able to increase or reduce stress, anxiety, tension, depression and etc. besides the Patient's other treatment process like neurotherapy and counseling, he redesigned their most in touch places for his Patients and recorded the documents of their health process to release the results in 2020.
From 2012, he is working on a design process research which is called “RISKS Architecture”, Responsible-Intelligent-Sustainable-Kinetic-Structural Architecture, which was examined on some of his professional projects, however, it should be mentioned that it’s a future design point of view.
At the time he is chef of architecture atelier in Cheeneh Eivan Pardis and collaborating with some architecture firms in different projects as project manager, designer and counselor in architecture and urban planning. He is a multilingual person and can speak in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian Fluently.




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