In the list of hotels in Da Lat that are rated as the most worth staying. What we would like to introduce to you is LADALAT Hotel. One of the five-star international standard hotels was recently built and put into operation. Ladalat is not just a place to stay and relax. This place is also known as one of the complex resorts. The most luxurious and classy in the romantic Da Lat City.
Although located far from the city center area, about 4km. But that is not why you do not choose this place as a place to stay and stop for yourself and your family. One more point is that Ladalat is very popular with tourists. It is located in one of the areas with extremely poetic and romantic natural landscapes. Bringing the unique characteristics of the old Da Lat. So when choosing to stay here will bring you the most comfortable and peaceful feeling.
Due to newly built and put into operation recently. In addition, the owner chose to build in an extremely peaceful and fresh area. It is located quite close to the city center area. Especially, although it is an international 5-star hotel. But the room rates here are considered extremely appropriate. Suitable for the needs and purposes of many travelers. So when choosing to come to Da Lat for any purpose. Then Ladalat is one of the top choices of many travelers.
Is one of the hotel complexes that have been recently invested and put into operation. So Ladalat was designed and built in a completely new architectural style. Bearing the style of European architecture. It's both ancient and luxurious, but it still has a luxurious and fresh look to it.
In addition to the system of 200 rooms, they are equipped and invested with luxurious and modern facilities. Best meet the needs of relaxation and the rest of your guests. Then at Ladalat, there are other services attached that also receive very high reviews from visitors. Such as a restaurant, meeting room, conference room, integrated fitness and entertainment area... Bringing you the most pleasant and wonderful feeling. Which very few other hotels can have.



Site area: 402.86 m2
Plot ratio/Floor Area Ratio: 6.6
GFA: 2400.93m2

Mr. David, Ms. Luna


Luna Alex