Candy Hotel is located on Hai Thuong Street, the center of Da Lat city. The hotel is designed with a 3-star scale of at least 50 bedrooms. And other functions: Candy Shop, Bright Coffee Shop, Hall, Hotel Lobby, Buffet Restaurant and other functions of a 3-star hotel.
The investor wants the hotel to have a simple modern style, easy to identify the brand and design in accordance with the criteria of green and environmentally friendly buildings.
Candy Hotel is a hotel project expressing the feelings of children far from home who miss their homeland, with the aim of recreating and preserving childhood memories to dedicate to their family and dear Da Lat.
In order to find inspiration for the idea of expressing Da Lat to the fullest, our design team has brought the most idyllic things of Da Lat such as pine hills, waterfalls, morning dew… The hotel is the house. Our second home, we want customers to come to the project like returning to their own home, so it is designed in a completely new architectural style. Extremely luxurious and modern, fully equipped with the most luxurious and modern amenities. Combined with the typical poetic and romantic space and architecture of Da Lat. In particular, most of the rooms have windows overlooking the beautiful City area. The room also has a reading room and a common room for receiving guests, etc. Equipped with the most luxurious and modern amenities. Best meet your relaxation and rest needs.
It would be remiss if you did not consider our hotel a top choice.



Site area: 319.86 m2
Plot ratio/Floor Area Ratio: 7.6
GFA: 2101.93m2

Ms. Le, Mr. Thinh Nguyen, Ms. Duyen


Thinh Nguyen