M HSH was renovated from a two-storey house into a small-scale working studio. The design criteria is creating a working space combine with living space. We use the solution of interlocking buffer spaces, eliminating the collision in living and working traffic, creating the most open place for working and living.
The current position of the house is back inside and separated from the main road. A connecting buffer corridor has been reformed to an outdoor green space that also become a place for daily communication activities. The usability is not divided but optimally partitioned according to the user-orientated solution. The common utilities are shared that bring a co-working idea at home.
Minimalism design language is conveyed in each line of space and strong contrast of light - dark areas. We do not change the structure of the house to strictly green design criteria. Based on current state of what we have, structural materials and plants are simply and harmoniously integrated depend on each member's activities.
After the Covid-19 pandemic, it has reflected a guiding thought for small and medium companies to choose a workplace with its own breath and color. It is not necessarily confined to crowded and high buildings. Therefore, we have created a place to live, work, and relax as an inner unity. The design spirit of M HSH will be fully reflected when the project is in use.



Location Da Nang , Viet Nam
Area 100 sq.m
Area construction 150 sq.m

MAS Architecture Workshop

Lead Architect
Nguyen Cong Thanh

Team Member
Le Tinh Tam, Le Truong Giang


Exterior - M HSH

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