The "Yürüyüş Yolu", designed by ÖzerÜrger Architecture, has been one of the most important public spaces of the city since the construction of the Haydarpaşa-İzmit Railway in 1870. In 2000, after the railway surrounded by eastern plane trees was removed and the area was arranged as a pedestrian road, the street became the most popular walking path of the city and started to host popular stores. Thus, the area has become an important part of the urban memory. However, the public space potential of the area could not be used sufficiently due to the traffic on Hürriyet Street and Cumhuriyet Street and the street leveling that was destroyed as a result of infrastructure constructions. The new "Yürüyüş Yolu" project aims to create a large public space by pedestrianizing Hürriyet Street and slowing the traffic of Cumhuriyet Street. This new public space is designed to be more comfortable, greener and fun.
First of all, the high walkway, which is between two old vehicle roads, creates an obstacle for crossings, and has been integrated with the sidewalks by revealing the area. The constructions around the protected plane trees were replaced with permeable concrete to allow their roots to absorb water. In addition, the newly designed benches were designed to surround these trees and protect them. These seats allow visitors to spend quality time in the center of the public space along the street, under the shadow of the plane trees by listening to the street sound.
Aiming to constantly encounter new experiences and new perspectives along the 1400-meter walking path, the project includes the Fevziye Mosque, Yeni Cuma Mosque, Ulu Gazi Primary School, İzmit Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and Sabri Yalım Park, which are located along the street and are in the memory of the city. has created new foci at the intersections of important structures. These focal points are enriched with functions of rest, eating and drinking, play, work and entertainment. A lively public life has been constructed with different functions placed in the transition areas between the focal points throughout the area.




Architectural Design: Özer Ürger Architects
Project Date: 2022
Total Construction Area: 45000 sqm
Location: Kocaeli/ Turkiye
Photography: Egemen Karakaya

Özer\Ürger Architects