The building of the National Theater of Opera, Ballet and Popular Ensemble is located in the heart of Tirana, in "Skanderbeg" square. The rehabilitation project of this building aspires to the education of active social life as well as awareness about the collective cultural memory. Although National Theater of Opera, Ballet and Popular Ensemble constitutes an important historical building, at the beginning of the design, it was in poor conditions and not at all aesthetic.
Through this rehabilitation project, we aimed to bring a modern vision of the theater experience to Albania. We have tried to find a balance between the old and the new through architectural elements that convey their transition. In this new phase, the theater has turned into a dynamic ensemble with a wide range of cultural activities.
The visual connection with the square and the city becomes even stronger thanks to the presence of open spaces, which turn into public spaces when performances are presented. Spontaneous communication between different areas in this great building is the best experience a visitor can have. A mixture of lights, colors, shapes in the interior, makes the trip livelier.
An international acoustic standard, designed according to the norms, studied by the Belgian studio Kalhe Acoustics & TTAS by using a contemporary technology.
"I claim that theater is the greatest form of art, the fastest way in which individuals can share with each other, the meaning of being a human being." – Oscar Wilde



Property Area: 6557 m2
Land Area: 2692 m2
Underground Construction: 5149 m2
Above Ground Construction: 13809 m2
Intensity: 2,1
Union Coefficient: 44%
Height max of the object 25,38m
No. of floors above ground: 4
No. of floors underground: 2
Cadastral Area: 8150
Distances from the property boundary: 5m

Alban Efthimi
Altin Premti
Olsi Efthimi
Xhenisa Ajazi
Klesta Qirici

Structural engineer: Arian Lako
Mechanical engineer: Spiro Drita
Electrical engineer: Dëshira Mena
Technology & Acoustic design: TTAS theatre planning & Kahle Acoustics


Marlein Topciu