We were always told that storytelling, and therefore the world of imagination was just for kids. But as adults, we never really abandon the world of stories. Imagination is an expression that drives us to investigate our own stories. Instead of being trapped in a concrete box, imaginative public space could provide an opportunity for all people to show the world the positive perception of design. The concept of ecotopia is being applied to the notion of experiential properties of architecture by exploring it through the lens of imaginations.
A public space which could explore the experiential properties of architecture, illustrating its ability to relate to our imaginations, as architecture has the power existed deep within our mind and thoughts. The intimate relationship between the imaginative realm of architecture and therefore the world.
Moola chotok is a hidden ravine located in the middle of the khuzdar district in the southern province of Baluchistan, Pakistan. It is situated approximately 105 kilometers (65 mi) north-east of khuzdar. It is a hidden gem which comprise of mountains and waterfalls. The need of making it livable to public is to increase it’s beauty and make it a source of income for both locals and foreigners.
The ECOTOPIAN concepts will not damage the natural landscapes but increases its beauty by using ECO friendly materials. The concept of living inside mountains i.e. caves is not new and is also affective for the climatic changes and global warming that are destroying our environment. The need of reducing carbon footprint is the core idea behind the project. The project’s possibility is although very low but it will contribute as a beginning of ECOTOPIAN structures comprising the concepts which will break contemporary architecture ideas.


Project Type : Recreational Space
Site Area : 40 Acres
Supertrees Height : 100 feet

Student : Marium Dua
Supervisor : Prof. Dr. Yasira Naeem Pasha
External Supervisor : Ar. Nasir Afridi


Marium Dua