By the world-famous landmarks in downtown Dubai, close to the Dubai Mall and Fountain and Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Art Museum is designed in the Burj Park to be in perfect harmony with the neighboring architectural wonders that made Dubai one of the pioneer mega cities of the world.
The Burj Park is a social media-loved picturesque location filled with many artworks from various international contemporary artists on different scales and styles. The Art Museum is a completing piece for this fantastic cultural park.
Dubai is becoming the first city of the future, but in this sea of skyscrapers and eye-catching buildings that showcase the possibilities of engineering and technology, humanity and human experience seem to gradually disappear as the required spaces that encourage social interactions are drastically shortened.
In the Dubai Art Museum, humans and their experiences are the primary source of inspiration. The museum building is designed following this approach that makes humans the center of the project, both for inspiration and in function.
The Dubai Art Museum is designed with a “double skin” that lets humans enter the building but remain visible from outside. The first outer skin is transparent, allowing the motions indoors to be visible from outside, while the inner layer has a sculptural form made of rammed earth, creating a unique sense of tranquility inside that produces the same experience as being in the canyons or caves.
This massive sculpture is shaped by layers over each other that resemble the figure of a desert dweller covered with multiple layers of clothing. The natural light reaches inside by openings of various scales in precise locations that give otherworldly qualities to the interiors and the artworks presented.
The main concept of the Art Museum Project is based on the Subject-Object philosophy that defines the Artists as the SUBJECT and the Art they create based on their comprehension of the world around them as the OBJECT.
The Dubai Art Museum is an architectural realization of this ideology that shows how the artist will not fade as the art has been created. The Object (the building) has the same value as The Subject (the humans) and celebrates the importance of its creators and users.
The gallery access is provided first with an elevator that reaches the top floor straight from the entrance and lets the visitors descend from a ramp that shapes the central core and gets the layered arrangement of the galleries.


Project Name: Dubai Art Museum
Project Location: Dubai
Project Height: 60 Meters
Built Area: 2000 sqm
Site Area: 4000 sqm
Tools Used: Rhino – Twinmotion - Photoshop
Design Year: 2023

Architecture Firm: Kalbod Design Studio
Principal Architect: Mohamad Rahimizadeh
Sculpture Artist: Amirali Garousian
Lead Architect: Shaghayegh Nemati
Visual Architect: Ziba Baghban
Interior Designer: Ghazaleh Eskandari
Design Team: Zahra Tavassoli – Nakisa Montazeri
R&D: Pegah Samei – Pardis Ahmadi


Kalbod Design Studio