Solvaree Villa Amphawa is our latest venture toward Sustainable Architecture, our main idea approaching the project is to mix people's comfort with nature seamlessly. It is a hospitality / public space project placed in Ampawa district, Samutsongkram, which is infamous for its floating market and culture surrounding it.

Since the site is hot and humid being near the Mae klong river, that way we aim to design the resort that can tackle the main theme of Solvaree, being the soul of river and its community rooted in naturalism and sustainability, by integrates a range of eco-friendly strategies such as involves the use of locally sourced natural materials like sea grass and bamboos which not only infuses the architecture with an organic aesthetic but also reduces the project's carbon footprint from material transportation. Solvaree also made substantial investments in renewable energy solutions, with solar panels being a prominent feature across most of its buildings and villas.

Furthermore, the project also put in the cultural aspect in the design, this includes the design element that comes from Ampawa culture in order to use the perks of said elements such as using the the roof and extended space element from floating market to effectively helps combat the high humidity stemming from the river and the heat from the sunlight. The aspects also including in purpose of the building, by putting various workshop to encourage guests as a community to strive for sustainable lifestyle.


We are going to use reclaimed wood and recycled steel for structure.
Choose sustainable building materials with low environmental impact and Non-toxic paints, low VOC materials

- Design team:
Sarawoot Jansaeng-Aram (Principal Architect)
Suchin Thongmorn ( Senior Architect)
Sahraw Rahamadprasert ( Architect)
Yugesh Kumar ( Architect/Project Coordinator)

Solvaree Villa Amphawa by Sarawoot Jansaeng-aram in Thailand won the WA Award Cycle 46. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Yugesh Kumar