In the ever-evolving landscape of Mumbai's office space market, where new contenders constantly emerge, The Plaza is poised to retain its status as the most celebrated commercial building in the city. The Plaza boasts a distinctive exterior design that significantly contributes to its widespread recognitions.

This commercial edifice in Mumbai features a spacious foyer that guides visitors to a range of dining establishments, bars, and coffee shops on the ground level, as well as office areas accessible through high-speed elevators and escalators.This diverse selection of eateries and social spaces caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences, making The Plaza a hub for social and business interactions.

The office floor layouts vary widely, encompassing small office units measuring just a few hundred square feet to expansive office spaces exceeding 5,000 square feet in size. Moreover, The Plaza's design places a strong emphasis on convenience and accessibility. This flexibility offerings caters to the varied needs of businesses, from startups seeking a compact yet prestigious address to larger corporations seeking extensive, customisable spaces.

In essence, The Plaza not only embodies architectural distinction but also excels in providing a multifaceted and accommodating environment for both commerce and leisure. With its unique design and versatile office offerings, it is poised to remain a beacon of excellence and recognition in Mumbai's dynamic commercial landscape.


Project Name- The Plaza
Site Area- 5390 Sq.Mt
Location- Mumbai
No. of Floors- 17
Construction Area- 12500 Sq.Mt
Area per Floor- 330 Sq.Mt

Principal Architect- Saumitra Bhatkhalkar, Sharmin Wade
Design Architects- Rahul Desai, Sachin Avhad, Ana Rizvi