The Shanghai Lingang Headquarters Office designed by DUTS design for TECHSTORM, with integration of architecture, interiors and landscape design has been completed in 2022. It’s an invitational headquarter integrating production, office, R&D, display, leisure and other functions.
DUTS team innovatively added a public cultural space experience to the industrial building to create "museum experience" office. The mirrored pool at the entrance is slowly unfolded under the 40-meter super-scale cantilevered building. A T-shaped walkway floats on the water and creates peaceful and relaxing feelings.
DUTS team wanted to create a feeling of "working in nature" for employees. The two-story fully transparent inner courtyard glass curtain wall makes 360º garden landscape possible, introduces natural light, and creates an office atmosphere in which the space and the environment are in harmony. The vibrant atrium landscape becomes the strongest color in the space.
The garden inside the building created based on the architectural form brings more possibilities for interaction between people and nature. Designers use large mirrors to form natural viewfinders in the interior space to bring in natural light and the changes of the seasons.
The other side of the space is wrapped and spread with rustic wood color, forming an echo and dialogue with the natural landscape. The overall space design does not use complicated decoration, but returns to the simplicity as nature, which is also in line with the owner's corporate vision of environmental protection and sustainable development.
The architectural shape and interior functions are combined organically. The cantilevered architectural shape forms a stair-stepping shared space and lecture halls inside the office building. The design language of the office keeps simple and unadorned, which is in line with the owner's vision of environmental friendly, while creating a more open, diverse, inspiring work experience for employees.
The brand new Techstorm headquarters park integrates innovative architectural forms and spatial layouts, creating a rich experience of industrial integration with public culture, world-class R&D laboratories combined with sustainable and efficient environmentally friendly production lines, we believe it It will become a beautiful landscape in the domestic and even global high-tech materials industry.



Techstorm new headquarter park is located in Lingang New Area of Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone, with Yangshan International Hub Port in the east and Pudong International Airport in the north.It is located at an important node of Shanghai's coastal channel, with obvious location advantages.
The project covers an area of 32,613 square meters, with a total construction area of 25,802 square meters. DUTS design hopes to create not only an industrial park, but also a green home with energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable production, a smart industrial park combines intelligent office, digital production and advanced laboratories, a modern compound headquarter park with cutting-edge design and iterative functions.
The layout and planning of the entire headquarter park integrates various functions such as production, office, R&D, leisure, and display. The user-friendly office environment and functional layout can fully meet the needs of enterprises and employees. Some areas have the potential for re-planning and functional iteration, which can be adjusted according to the future development of the enterprise.

Architect studio: DUTS Design
Architect in charge: Ling Zhong
Architects Team: Yingqi Hu, Tao Wan, Feng Dong, Xiaofeng Chen,Qi Wang
Interiors Team: Michael Shi, Ying Liu, Hui Zhao, Bruno Rodriguez,Tianyang Gu, Jiangjian Su, Wanda Wu
Landscape Team: Xiaohui Liu, Xiaoxuan Liu. Jiayue Tan
Structure Consultant: Xiang Fang, Maoming Zhang, Yichang Wei, Yinghui Gu
Project Management: Wenjie Zhang, Shu Zou

Techstorm Headquarter Industrial Park by Ling Zhong in China won the WA Award Cycle 45. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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