​Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang is a high-end development located in Da Nang, Vietnam, a vibrant coastal city and the fifth largest city in the country. Da Nang is situated along the South China Sea and is known for its stunning beaches, scenic landscapes, and rich cultural history. Sun Cosmo Residence will be located along the Han River between two famous bridges Tran Thi Ly and Dragon Bridge, and offers breathtaking views of the river.

Comprising multiple plots, Sun Cosmo Residence features high-rise condominiums, shop villas, and shop houses that span across the riverside. The development is divided into two phases, with the first phase consisting of The Panoma comprising two towers, Panoma 1 and Panoma 2, and plans for the development of a third plot in the next phase.

The site provides good accessibility as the plots are located along main roads such as An Hai Road and Tran Thi Ly Bridge located by the river bank. This allows for convenient travel to locations including a 5-minute drive to the beachfront and 9-minute drive to Da Nang International Airport. The strategic location of the site ­will also provide residents with picturesque views of the Han River to the west and the East Vietnam Sea View to the east.

Designed with the residents' comfort in mind, Sun Cosmo Residence offers a range of amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, children's playground, garden, and community room located at level 3 and the middle floor of the tower. The rooftop of the tower also boasts a viewing deck and sky garden, which provides residents with panoramic views of the city, the Han River, and the coast.

Inspired by the local culture and crafts of Da Nang, the development's architecture draws from the Cam Ne traditional handcraft sedge mat-making village. Blending design elements from the traditional crafting with the desire to create a new and unique space - a dialogue between traditional and modern art presents itself in the architecture.
Learning about techniques and materials from the Scaft village, the façade design takes the alternating horizontal and vertical lines of sedge weaving and scales it up through the frame grid, building a strong and coherent tower. Interspersed with the main grids is a system of traditional sun shading, which not only shows the sophistication in the design but also creates a beautiful architectural façade that attracts and brings a unique visual experience.

Apart from traditional Vietnamese weaving, the design of Hoi An lanterns is incorporated into the façade from the podium to the crown in the form of terracotta materials and traditional Vietnamese patterns – further weaving cultural symbolism into the fabric of the development. The resulting design establishes an interplay between light and the crown, creating a visually captivating experience.

Despite their deferring massing, the design language stays consistent across the 2 plots. Panoma 2 sits as a single tower while Panoma 1 notably stands as a massing of 3 towers of staggered heights. The building retains the same vertical and horizontal rib motifs with each “tower” section adorned with differently coloured rib elements to create visual demarcations between sections. The staggered heights of the massing create more communal spaces on the rooftops of each section and maximise views for residents in the building.

Sun Cosmo Residence is a unique and modern development that draws inspiration from the traditional culture and crafts of Da Nang and offers a range of amenities that prioritize the comfort of its residents. With breathtaking views of the river and easy accessibility to nearby locations, Sun Cosmo Residence is an ideal place to call home for those seeking a luxurious living experience in Da Nang, Vietnam.


GFA: 118,666 sq m
Completion Year: 2023

Design Architect: Aedas
Design Director: Quan Pham


Aedas Ltd