Design idea:
The idea of design came by forming three blocks that express the three goals to raise the level of cultural awareness of society.
Yemeni society suffers from a lack of cultural and urban awareness in its midst, as well as a culture of class racism and religious and partisan ideological discrimination that blinds one's insight.
Most international societies around the world may suffer from these phenomena , but in Yemen their impact on society has increased , causing a lot of damage and losses including :
1-The spread of political and moral corruption.
2- The increase in the rate of ignorance and unemployment.
3- The outbreak of crisis and civil wars.
And from the perspective of architecture, there are many architectural and urban solutions that help raise the cultural level of society by creating cultural, scientific and intellectual environments that spread the culture of peace, love and community coexistence, and enhance communication between members of society of all its classes, ethnicities and different beliefs, and allow the community to exchange cultures and special experiences and work to engage the community effectively.

This is done through three main objectives that raise the level of cultural awareness of the community :
1- Raise the level of scientific and health awareness of the community.
2- Promote effective community interaction.
3- Encouraging young talents and developing their skills.
DESIGN INTENTIONS : My design intentions for this project is to raise the cultural level of Yemeni society.


Modern building materials were used in the design of the project, including the prefabricated facades and the gable roofing system.

just me.


Waleed Al-Mujehli