The client brief was simple. He wanted a simple yet modern office where " Biofillia " is not a design element but an integral part of the space itself. The office space had an extended terrace which had to be used optimally to make sure that it becomes contiguous in terms of function.
Taking a cue from the above, the designed the space to be colourful and modern. While workstation area is kept subtle, the colours pop up in collaborative areas and on the terrace where we decided to house the cafeteria. The terrace is a semi open terrace with roof on top and open from sides. We decided to cover it from sides with roller transparent curtains to avoid rain coming in, yet keeping a visual contact with the outside work. The terrace is specifically designed like a " coffee shop in a garden " and not a corporate cafe with use of natural materials, lighting and a lot of plants around. Also to beat the hot summer months, we installed " mist cooling " system in the terrace which makes it enjoy the space in a comfortable environment.
Even within the open office, plants find themselves as dividers between workstations, on storage tops, hanging from the ceiling and around the columns in potted form. The reception welcomes a visitor with a large live green wall background and sets the tone for the entire experience.
The entire space had a theme of " local architecture and places " in terms of branding and the same was continued through column graphics, wall decals, signages.
The office also has a technical lab which was a separate area in itself and was treated with due technicalities involved.



The space was adjoining a large plaza at the back, where there are pubs and other restaurants. It turns into quite a loud sound area inside specially in the evenings and weekends. The client had a specific requirement of blocking the outside noise completely. Hence an acoustical consultant was engaged for the same. We undertook all the measures suggested by him and are now able to stop the outside sound filtering in completely.

Alhad Gore, Ajay Tonpe, Gopal Ade, Indrajit Roy, Vishal Makam


Mukesh Gajjar