FORT & PORT is located in the middle of a mountain altitude of 100m in Baekcho-gil, Dolsan Island, Yeosu-si. In the northwest direction, Yeosu City is formed around Jonggo-Mountain, and there are Marae-Mountain, Jasan Park along the narrow coastal plain. On the southwest side of the site, the city skyline, where Seguji Village and the South Sea contrast, is attractive. Yeosu was spotlighted as a marine tourist destination in the South Sea in 2012, but the beautiful Yeosu night sea formed along Odongdo Island and other maritime islands, Bridges and Dolsan strait became a geographical background.
The layout of the complex consists of a tower-type A zone which can enjoy the view of the city skyline and a single accommodation-type B zone for recreation in nature. The first floor of the A zone is divided into a reception room for cafe users and guests and accommodation facilities to enjoy the city view day and night. Each unit functions as a terrace for outdoor dinings and parties in conjunction with a dining room. The spa exterior mass facing the terrace secures intergenerational privacy and shows a special facade. The collective composition of individual units protruding like a retreat in a large frame is like a collaboration between nature and architecture that changes with season and time.
Lounge Cafe Infinity Pool
Lounge cafe and swimming pools are open to guests as well as cafe users. The view level is designed by dividing the upper and lower functions around the lounge cafe. The rooftop level is in contact with the sky like the deck of a ship, allowing surrounding views. The cafe's lower level creates a spectacular view of the city's skyline inside the Infinity Pool, which embraces the sky. The pyeongsang stands leading to the pool and deck functions as a seat for sunbathing and recreation. In this space, you can enjoy the sunset of the red-colored Yeosu city and the sea.
A transit observatory
A transit observatory is installed as a intermediary space between A zone and B zone. It is a platform for transferring different spatial characteristics and an individual area for hospitality. Elevator and vertical sequence that pass through all floors from the A zone, lead to the transit observatory through an aerial walkway installed at the level of the second basement floor. A transit observatory, which is integrated with the public bridge, is a synography that helps guests travel, and is designed to enjoy a beautiful view of Seguji Village.
B zone
The exclusive accommodation type B zone is designed using inclined terrain. The spaces between each building is a community space adjacent to each unit. The main purpose of this space is to create an internal environment similar to ground conditions by smoothly supplying light and ventilation to each unit. The outdoor space created between each building is an architectural device to welcome guests. The wide deck is an external recreational space where you can experience the calm movement of the wind, forest, and the vastness of the distant sea.
The unit installed front windows and terraces to strengthened outdoor activities such as spas and BBQ by utilizing surrounding conditions that are not disturbed by surrounding gaze or noise. Inside, a skipped cross-section was designed so that the terrace and the internal program could linked according to the function of the rooms. In the kitchen and dining room, outdoor dining while looking at the forest and city, and the spa is linked to the living room to induce a new spatial experience. In interior bedroom, we used a Korean traditional ‘toenmaru’ space to maintain an advantageous environment in ventilation, sunlight, and view.



Architect: Heesoo Kwak / IDMM Architects
Location: 320-3, Udu-ri, Dolsan-eup, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
Programme: Accommodation
Site area: 9,936.00㎡
Building area: 1,907.62㎡
Gross floor area: 4,978.08㎡
Building scope: B2F / 4F
Height: 17.85m
Building to land ratio: 19.57%
Floor area ratio: 34.08%
Structure : RC
Exterior finishing: exposed concrete
Design period : Jun. 2020 - Oct. 2020
Construction period: Oct. 2020 - Jul. 2022
Completion: Jul. 2022
Photo credit: Jaeyoun Kim

IDMM Architects

Fort & Port by Heesoo Kwak in Korea, South won the WA Award Cycle 45. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Jaeyoun Kim