The highest degrees of luxury are provided to visitors at five-star hotels through individualized services, a wide choice of amenities, and accommodations. Due to the spectacular views it offers of the sea and hills, Cox Bazar is one of Bangladesh's top tourist sites. A private group opted to build a five-star hotel on its property in the Cox's Bazar neighborhood to serve the demands of this bustling city. One crucial element of the tourism industry is five-star hotels. As a result of the high caliber of facilities and services they provide, they enhance the tourism experience. The goal of this project's design is to create a space for human contact that is interwoven with the administration of tourism and hospitality.In Bangladesh, Cox's Bazar is a popular tourist destination. It draws both domestic and international visitors all year long. There are several tourist attractions in the city, such as waterfalls, Buddhist temples, wildlife sanctuaries, and expansive views. Therefore, hotels in Cox's Bazar satisfy travelers' accommodation needs. Making Cox's Bazar a hub or transitional location for both visitors and business travelers is the project's stated goal of promoting tourism.The design process involves a literature survey, site analysis, case studies, conceptual design, zoning, massing, and work management. The goal is to achieve short-term and long-term goals for convenience. The process includes analyzing climate, soil quality, lifestyle, architecture, and economy, as well as understanding existing hotels and construction techniques. Conceptual design involves sketching and trying out designs, while zoning divides departments based on functionality. Massing involves rough sketches of 3D models, ensuring a smooth functional flow for a 5-star hotel. The design process includes deployment, development, and planning.The Bangladesh economy is expanding, and the number of luxury hotels is not enough to meet the growing demand for luxury accommodations. Local private investors are building international luxury chains to attract business tourists to the country. The project aims to provide a five-star hotel facility for tourism and business travelers, meeting international standards. The design ensures luxurious décor, carefully selected furnishings, and a fine dining experience for guests. The hotel offers facilities and amenities, with sophisticated service solutions for both management and consumers. The mesmerizing views and space create a soothing experience for guests.


Site Area: 5.42 Acre
Site Location: INANI, Cox's Bazar.

Student Name: Shubhra Deb Chowdhury (Undergrad Student, B.ARCH)
Supervisor Name: Rahanat Ara Jafar (Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture)
Institution: Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology


Shubhra Deb Chowdhury

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