Formerly known as one of the Four Asian Tigers, Taiwan's air transportation infrastructure, particularly compared to Hong Kong, has fallen behind. Despite being geographically well-positioned to serve as a major air hub, Taiwan has not become a transportation hub.

Currently, Taiwan's technological capabilities in air transportation are not lacking. However, the economic value of this aspect often falls short. While the other Asian Tigers have developed their own strengths, Taiwan has missed the opportunity to leverage its inherent advantage in geographical location. Therefore, I believe that Taiwan, as the "Asia-Pacific Center," should strive to create a new type of air transportation hub to enhance its economic competitiveness.

By elevating the Taichung Airport to the status of an international airport and establishing it as a transportation hub in central Taiwan, we can connect airports and transform central Taiwan into a transportation hub for the northern, central, and southern regions. Just as Taiwan occupies a central position internationally, we can increase the number of inbound tourists, improve routing and facilitate transit passengers. Transforming Taichung into a transportation hub can boost economic development, promote the tourism industry, and enhance national defense and security, given that Taichung Airport is a dual-use airport for military and civilian purposes.

The expansion of a second terminal is an inevitable trend, but resolving the conflicts between old and new interfaces and redesigning the flow of movement are crucial issues that architects must address. Additionally, we must consider how to manage the flow of passengers during pandemics to ensure that the airport can continue to operate without being affected by public health crises. The proximity to nearby hospitals and fire stations is also a factor to be considered.


Although the public is aware of the financial challenges faced by Taichung Airport, the urban planning project aims to complete the third terminal by 2035. What will be the ultimate outcome? Amidst the demands and opinions regarding pandemics, transportation, economy, and national defense, as architects, we need to shape the airport according to the needs and preferences of the people. If this were a public tender project where everyone could contribute their ideas and design concepts, and assuming I were the architect bidding for the project, how should I approach this situation?

Design: Wang Changsheng
Instructor: Professor Shen Yongtang
Institution: Chaoyang University of Science and Technology
Zhongzhu Design


Chang-Sheng Wang

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