Bayou Villas designed by MSE is located in Antalya, Turkey's well known touristic region that places emphasis on functionality, simplicity, nature, and art has been brought to life.

The basic principle of Bayou Villas is to offer multiple functions in personal areas to the hotel villa users and to bring them together with nature while presenting them. Bayou Villas in which functionality, simplicity, nature and art are at the forefront has been occurred by MSE.

The interior design of Bayou Villas is based on the idea of integrating with nature and offering a personalized experience in itself, reflects the experiences of the nature-human-life relationship, where a simple language is maintained in harmony with architecture and landscape that is mainly inspired by the relationship of man with nature. It has also been designed with a wide selection of contemporary art that includes different layers of thought and production.

Also considering expanding the areas of interaction, as it will meet with viewers who have different perspectives in time, supporting young artists who are at the beginning of their contemporary art careers, as well as internationally known or young-mid artists who have advanced their careers in the field of modern art in Turkey, in different disciplines such as painting, ceramics, installation, collage, digital art, video art and NFT. An extensive collection of production styles has been created.

The placement of the works of art at Bayou Villas, which differ in the issues they examine, according to the spaces, was realized with a holistic perspective which is in harmony with each other in terms of color and form approaches, conceptual background and aesthetic language of the works.



Client: BAND Turizm A.Ş.

MSE Architecture


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