Choosing the university which the person will complete his/ her study in it is one of the most important decisions in life. This decision will determine the future of the person. after the high school a lot of students start to choose the university which he/she will join to complete his/her education. A lot of students join universities away from their homes and cities. The main questions according to this step are how and where he/she will stay during the educational process. The answer for these questions is the university hostel. University hostel is a place inside the university the students pay for staying in it during the education time. The challenge was how to make the student feel satisfied and increase is/her productivity inside the university hostel. The challenge also was how to make the student psychology better through the interior design.
The interior designers start to think how to solve this problem from their majors. They start to think how to use sustainable and eco-friendly materials in their interior designs Making the design for the university in Egypt no only focuses on the function but also on how the user will feel inside university hostel and how to make this hostel satisfied and more comfortable to increase user’s productivity. Studying the psychology of the user helps in making a better interior design and to understand users’ needs and requirements to make user feel comfortable and increase their productivity. According to that researcher will study the requirement which must be achieved in the university hostels in Egypt. By this way the users will feel more comfortable inside the hostel and that will affect positively in their performance and productivity. By this way the researcher will achieve the user satisfaction in the university hostel in Egypt.

concept: achieving the students satisfaction by using the philosophy of color and shape.

- The interior design in the university hostels in Egypt focuses on functionality and Neglect the psychological part or how the user feels inside the space and that make the users feel unsatisfied.
- Interior design inside the university hostels in Egypt does not encourage the users for productivity and don’t give him the feeling of satisfaction in side it.

- Explore the needs and the requirements of the users in the university hostels in Egypt.
- Finding design considerations for university hostels that could help to increase the user’s productivity and achieve their satisfaction.
- Formulate design program and design concept for university hostels in Egypt taking in consideration that would have positive impact on its users.
Analytical study:

This study aims to understand phenomena by discovering and measuring relationship among them, it answers the question of why& or how.
.it also helps to know why the user in the university hostels does not feel comfortable. This type of studies helps the researcher to know more about the user’s needs and requirement and why the user do not feel home inside the university hostel in Egypt. It also helps the researcher to know more about how the user feels inside the university hostels in Egypt.

The researcher used different tools (methods) to collect data, such as secondary data form like books, journals, articles and other researches and primary data through survey. This survey sent online to many university students to answer the question and found that large percentage does not want to stay in the university hostels. And also most of them see that the interior design inside the university hostels in Egypt does not encourage the user’s productivity.

V-Research significant
The importance of this research is to find solutions to make the users inside the university hostels in Egypt to feel more comfortable. Also understand the user’s needs and requirements to achieve the user satisfaction inside the university hostel in Egypt. The research also concentrates to find alternative eco-friendly material to be used inside the interior space of the university hostel. How to create the suitable interior design space have positive impact on the users and increase their productivity.


Smart glass for windows and doors: its color change according to the amount of the sun light that help in making natural lighting in the room and prevent the user from getting angry from the quantity of light entered from the windows I used this glass in many spaces in my project.

smart curtain: has sensor when the sun light on it the sensor measure the degree of the room and open and close automatically.

This smart speakers contains sensors above each area it measure the movement in this area and the power of the voices in this area and determine the mood of the people in this area, then it starts to play music automatically. I used this speakers in the social area to make the users more comfortable.

Sensor door :I used it in the two main entrances of the building.

designer :shrouk omar
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rasha ElZeiny
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoda Madkour
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dalia Ezzat