Casa Cohuatichan, located in the Mexican Huasteca Sierra, is a vacation residence that has 715 m2 of construction. Located on the edge of a cliff on a 100-hectare site, the house frames impressive views of different landscapes, where you can find a waterfall and an exuberant cloud forest. Unique sensations can be appreciated thanks to this natural wealth of the site.

The design was based around the concept of “planting a tree”, as the residence integrates with the area without drastically contrasting, unifying with the context. In the house, there is a set of levels inspired by the mountains of the area, adapted to the terrain in which it is located. Also, it has a materiality that adapts to the area, using mostly materials from the region. Therefore, the design and materials, create an authentic and unique experience within nature, reinforcing the feeling of belonging.

The interiors of the residence are dominated by wood, ceramic and stone walls. These materials have the quality of creating a warm and harmonious atmosphere, while maintaining a contemporary style, taking special attention to detail, in order to maintain a clean design.

In the exterior, the use of stone with wood and glass accents predominates, it has a large sliding curtain wall on both levels intended to remain open while the house is in use. This allows the house to open up to the unique landscape, while also connecting the adjacent infinity pool with the public living room on the lower level, and the master bedroom with open hot tub, bathroom, and terrace on the upper level in one sophisticated way.


The aesthetics and materials of the residence were kept light and clean. In this way, they contrast with the stunning surroundings, fostering a unique outdoor living experience while staying under the comfort of a contemporary structure.

Category Dwelling
Built surface 715 m2
Client Private
Status Built
Project Directors Diego Vilatela, Angel Valerio.
Architecture Edgar Rojas, Renee Medero
Engineering Alan Garrido
Construction Otho Solis
Marketing Ana Montes, Ingrid Velázquez
Photography Patrick Lopez