Based on the principles of "production", "life" and "ecology" in the construction of characteristic towns, and combined with the local characteristic "car" culture, Ninghai Intelligent Automobile Town put forward an industry-oriented urban development model - "intelligence" "car" "town". The design divides the town into five functional areas: manufacturing area, living support area for R&D, "intelligent life" demonstration area, business management service area and amusement experience exhibition area combined with natural water landscape.
At the "industry" level, the design sorts out the whole industrial chain from design, R&D to component manufacturing, and then to vehicle assembly, as well as sales and after-sales service.
In the aspect of "culture", the design starts from two dimensions, namely industry and region, and summarizes four theme cultures: automobile culture, industrial culture, local culture and Internet culture. Dominated by modern Chinese style, the town inherits and extends the culture and connotation of water towns in regions south of the Yangtze River. The soft elements of "intelligence" are innovatively implanted in the community construction, as a means of infrastructure upgrading to connect technology with the city, and create a demonstration area for a new lifestyle. Through the mutual development and reference of functions, the public space and industrial characteristics are organically integrated, so that all elements are fully blended to form an overall pattern of the town.
As for "tourism", starting from the pavilion, the town further taps into surrounding relevant resources, integrate internal experience elements, and plan four tourist routes, namely "cultural tour route", "intelligent car tour line", "natural scenery tour line" and "industrial experience tour line", forming abundant tour lines and experience chains.


Located in the downtown of Ningdong New Town, Ningbo, Ninghai Intelligent Automobile Town is a provincial-level model town in Zhejiang, with a planned total area of 3.47 square kilometers. The promotor of the town covers a total land area of about 66,000 square meters, with an overall floorage of 96,000 square meters, including a car showroom, themed commercial blocks, some business offices and hotels.