Similarities and influence of folding style in Iranian architecture: One of the challenges of Islamic architecture is the lack of dialogue between the traditional and modern approaches to creating new art. In this regard, the necessity of using today's knowledge while considering the values ​​of Islamic architecture should be noted.
Folding's perspective is a thoughtful perspective based on horizontalism.
Folding seeks multiplicity and wants to destroy hierarchy.
Folding architecture actually shows the passage of time that the systems get out of balance due to pressure such as temperature increase, which manifests itself in two ways :1- single line to two lines
2 -A twist, crease, or a crumpled surface
In folding architecture, a philosophy called rhizome is a plant that grows horizontally and its stem goes into the soil and sprouts and grows again. It never disappears and this feature makes it likened to the founding roots. Rhizome is the secondary roots of the plant and it grows in the distance from the main root of the plant.
Plants with rhizomes are propagated by cutting the rhizomes.
Peter Eizman says that architecture should have a majority in time and place and belong to the present time. Peter Eizman believes that everyday life has usefulness and non-existence such as ambiguity, stability, ugliness and beauty, and one of them cannot be used over the other, but this contrast should be seen in the construction of architecture.Similarity of folding style with Iranian markets: Markets have a linear and organic shape because they have grown gradually along with economic and social developments, even the construction of designed markets did not prevent the organic growth of markets in the next period.
The market is a living element that continues to function together. The market is not designed and has grown organically ، Like a rhizome plant that grows in every direction and if a part of the market is destroyed, the rest of its parts continue to work. This shows the stability of the market over many years. The main artery of the bazaar is the bazaar line, which is like a rhizome stem that connects different parts.
In the market context, elements are developed horizontally ، In the rhizome plant, the same part is smoothly and horizontally integrated with other elements while maintaining its characteristics.
result : Currently, architecture in Iran is considered a form of identitylessness and there are only two ways to prevent it. First let's follow our traditional styles
The second way is to follow the new styles available in the world of correct science. Of course, not in order to build examples similar to traditional Iranian architecture. Currently, by taking inspiration from traditional architecture and folding style and adding a little creativity, buildings can be built that will make the city proud.



project site area: 30.000 m2

floors : four floors

students: Elnaz Rabbani farhoudi - Hassan Nejati Vatanparast

supervisor : dr.Iman Mirshojaeian hosseini


Elnaz Rabbani farhoudi