- Exterior
- Interior
- Landscaping
- Visualation
- Li Partners wanted to offer the maximum space for the economically-priced housing in the provision of wrap-around balconies. The curving balconies of this housing scheme, create a rippling outline and provide each flat with outdoor space ( slideshow).
- Each apartment in the scheme, named Housing, has access to a 30-metre-square strip of outdoor deck that adjoins the living room, doubling the interior floor plan of a typical one-bed flat within the block.
- "The main idea was to build very economic buildings designed with a very relevant characteristic while keeping the budget close to social housing or entry-level programs,"
- Flowers grown by the residents have begun to spill over the edges of the balcony, giving the building the appearance of vertical terraced garden.
- The architects used the rectilinear blocks as an axis to rotate the wavy tiers around, giving each floor a slightly different plan to ensure that no households overlook.
- To increase the functionality of the space, the balconies have access to both water taps and electricity.
- The rippled tiers, 3.2 metres at their widest point, are faced with white aluminium balustrades that let in sunlight through perforated sections while significantly extending the floor plan and providing outdoor access, the balconies also increase lighting and ventilation for the apartments.
- The 3 tower blocks are connected by the landscape and the reverse path, guiding the residents and passing through the shophouses.


GFA : 75000 M2

Mr. Li
Mr. Ly
Mr. Nguyen


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