Job Factory: Yenidogan

Job Factory is an educational structure in the Yenidogan of Izmir that aims to bring innovation together with exhibitions and workshops that increase awareness of different jobs, which are cultural heritage that are being lost from past to present in the city center, and to bring it to tomorrow.Land use, transportation, infrastructure, floor heights, sensory and vegetation analysis of the site were carefully researched with sociocultural and economic sustainability approach.The proposal, in its original concept, which is part of the context in which it is located, ensures that program of the educational structure interacts with the socialization spaces and ensures that life inside the structure continues throughout day.It deals with the transitions of private and public spaces by designing them in a holistic and location-specific way.

The workshops of the jobs in which skillful craft and dexterity skills of time were performed are in danger of lost due to inability to provide the requirements of era, displacement.Architecture, landscape, design, sociocultural program intertwined in this educational structure, the proposed machine landscape park and the region, sociocultural heritage that has been lost from yesterday to today creating jobs that are aimed to
develop tomorrow by continuing with innovation.

The ground floor of the project is for public use with a machine landscape park, and classrooms, administration and offices for the educational program are located on the upper floors. Machines used by jobs in the past are opened to the public experience in the exhibition ‘yesterday’, machines in the workshop used and trained today are opened to the public in the ‘today’ section and in the ‘tomorrow’ department, which aims to experience the production of future automation technologies with innovative robots. It aims at the sociocultural and economic sustainability of the region. Job exhibitions, workshops and R&D studies are aimed at public use and benefit. It aims to carefully design the educational program and open it to the urban experience and maintain local values. In this context, by providing cafes with workshop trainings, the park with exhibitions and interaction with the library with research and development studies, it has been ensured that the structure continues to be used throughout the day.

The permeability and interaction relationship with the area of the building is one of the main design problems of the project and has been carefully studied. The circulation between private and public spaces is designed with a core, service that serves only educational users. The public circulation design has been carefully designed for the congregation services included in the program. In the design of the building circulation, primary and secondary corridors are connected to the vertical circulation. While the primary corridors provide public services, controlled access to private spaces is provided thanks to various shortcuts and passages. The design language required on the facade for wind control and natural light access, which is maintained within the context of the geographical location of the building mass, integrates with landscape design. Glass steel joinery and wooden cladding are preferred on the facades, and steel construction components are recommended as a solution for wide openings in reinforced concrete structure.

From the machine park in front of the building, the reception area is reached while moving along the ramp towards the exhibition below. As we exit the exhibition with a ramp towards ground level, workshops integrated with libraries and cafes have been solved. While going up the ramp to the upper floor, the production of research and development studies with innovation is being experienced.


Project Site: 5980 m²

Designer: Ahmet Can Oflozer

Erdem Erten, Prof. Dr.
Mert Velipaşaoğlu, Lecturer
Tolga Kezer, Lecturer

Job Factory: Yenidogan by Ahmet Can Oflozer in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 43. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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