The Idea revolves around tropical Rain Forests, The Name of the restaurant is Equadorical Tropical rainforest, The origin of the restaurant is in Spain due to which it is Equadorical, which simply means equatorial, The Restaurants dishes are based on the countries that lie on equatorial line, The outdoor and indoor spaces are designed taking inspiration from the various Elements of a forest, This Project not only holds design value but also the growing need to incorporate plant life into our spaces, Plants give both physiological and psychological advantages to an interior space, they ensure to keep the customers lively and fresh and also release oxygen and absorb all the harmful chemicals in it. The theme follows from the minute one enters into the restaurant to the very end. the entrance consists of a waiting lounge that is designed with a tree which consists of nest like seating's, the waiting lounge is an essential space of a restaurant and a casual seating can easily make the customer to leave if they dont find it interesting, the idea of swing nest seating is really organic and contemporary and will really grab the attention of customers, the seating is in two themes, first one depicts the caves in the forest also known as the Stone seating and the second is the Leaf seating where the furniture and upholstery is inspired by a leaf, there are several out door seating's , A bridge seating exclusively for couples, family dining in cocoon inspired seating and boat inspired seating for couples, friends and partners.



I was assigned to create a restaurant space within the given area (15m*15m), within a given location. Keeping in mind the Site Analysis, for the perfect innovation of both indoor and the outdoor seating. The theme had to be chosen from a word of our choice, and the word I chose was Tropical Forest, The entire theme of the restaurant revolves around tropical rainforests, We were asked to study two restaurant of a similar theme, how the interior spaces work, Materials, color palette, Functionality and how both these restaurants have picked special elements to represent tropical rainforest in their restaurants. We had to make a mood board and a material board selecting the color palettes, Materials, Ideas of What elements we're placing in different areas of the restaurant followed by the floor plan, rendering, sections, elevations, and views of various spaces within the restaurant.

Individual Work


Huda Mahmadarif