This traditional home was built in 1894 and renovated for a young family by Arditi Design. A longstanding client of the firm, the family moved from a city apartment to be closer to extended family. Arditi Design understands the excitement and expectations of a life milestone. These moments inspire the firm. With an ongoing and open conversation between Arditi Design and the client, they can find the shape of your space so that it reflects you - where the fit is yours and yours alone! Arditi Design brings clarity, beauty, and organization to their client's life by creating a place where they feel they belong.

The clients worked with Arditi Design to design a home that reflects their young and vibrant personalities. While the architecture is traditional, Arditi Design created a neutral backdrop where the family can evolve as the kids grow. They incorporated bold and bright accents to infuse personality along with contemporary art. The result is a harmonious and balanced mix of traditional, mid-century, and modern styles where several generations can come together and enjoy life.

Arditi Design oversaw all elements of the renovation and design. The renovated primary bathroom includes a custom vanity complimented with Waterworks fixtures and hardware from Baldwin and Elegance Hardware. The dining room features patterned Cole & Sons wallpaper with a dining table from 1st dibs. Muted blue, gray, and violet provide a calming environment for family gatherings. The family room uses bold striped wallpaper from Zoffany, a leather sofa from Pottery Barn, and artwork from Uprise Art.



Arditi Design


Claire Esparros