In addition to providing a suitable platform for the presence of people with startup and creative thinking, the shared workspace creates the possibility of random interactions and the growth of creativity by responding to the social needs of users. Physical proximity between people with different abilities and talents in a shared work environment increases the possibility of cooperation and teamwork, informal learning and individual growth. One of the few weaknesses of the shared workspace is the distraction and lack of concentration of the users. Considering the existential role of solitude in creating concentration, creativity and flourishing of ideas, it is necessary to provide individual, optimal and collective solitude in the shared work space in order to improve the work efficiency of the audience.
The main concept of this project is to create a work space with optimal privacy for different student groups in order to advance work goals (group and individual).
Balancing the public and private spaces of the co-working space and providing the optimal size of each is very important to attract and retain members. The results of the studies show: if the space is too open, it will not work properly. If the space is too divided, it still doesn't work properly, and the balance and flexibility between the two is right. Therefore, the designers decided to use a semi-transparent divider to create different student zones.
According to the client's request to reduce economic costs, the designers tried to use partitions made of wood and thread to create individual, optimal and collective privacy. In addition to providing economic goals, partitions have created the possibility of using natural light while creating spatial transparency and maintaining visibility. In order to create vitality and a sense of belonging, the plant element has been used to design the partitions.



Location: Mashhad, Seyyed Razi
Date: 2023
Built Area: 120 Sqm
Type: Co-Working Space in University

Site manager: Technical and Vocational University (TVU)
Design Team & Presentations: Yeganeh Poustchiniyan, Mahla Rahmatian Tusi
Supervisor: Dr Maryam Mojtabavi


Yeganeh Poustchiniyan

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