Conceptual design of post epidemic x public housing in Hong Kong

X means possibility, unknowability, flexibility, and variability. As an architect and ordinary people, the design result is only one of many possibilities. There is no eternal environment in life. Human beings can survive by virtue of ultra-high adaptability. This is also true of architecture and life. The flexible boundary can make the building adapt to the evolution of infectious diseases, and the undefined space can enable residents to provide unlimited possibilities for the building. The variable nature enables architecture to evolve with the development of society and residents.

Architecture is no longer a product of social isolation, standing upright in place. All things in the world are relative. There is no absolute right or wrong, and there is no absolute strong. The housing problem in Hong Kong is the product of history, geography, economy, humanities, and other aspects. X public housing plays the role of social buffer. It does not seek to cure the problem instantly but always adjusts the social contradictions, whether it is for housing or epidemic problems. His vague boundary is full of elasticity and cushioning. He is the public property of the whole of Hong Kong society. The significance of his existence is no longer limited to the residents of the building. But through invisible borders to alleviate the epidemic, housing, and other problems. Provide a buffer period for the whole society of Hong Kong to find other solutions.
The form and use of architecture are not stipulated by the architect from top to bottom. Personalized demand is the main factor to define the nature of architecture. The architect is more like a regulator and a promoter. A relatively reasonable framework of planning and design. Users can play freely on the premise of following the big rules. When the commonness of users in the building reaches a certain degree, they can even modify the rules formulated by architects, because only they know their own needs best.
What architects design is no longer a unique scheme, but a scheme for residents' reference, a possibility. Whether he is reasonable or not is only the product of the architect's objective and rational analysis, and his result comes from perceptual people and thoughts


Total Construction Area:3047762.3m2
Living Area:477,695m2
Living Volume:2,866,170m3
Greening Area:915,502m2
Public Space Area:1,582,291m2
Maximum number of occupants:636927

Designer: He Haonan
Instructor: Assistant Professor Wang Weijia


Haonan He