UNICO is a Residential and Service building located at the heart of Tirana. The architectural project finds inspiration precisely from the regular urban fabric of the area while the building is conceived as a modular construction with modest materials, creating generous new living spaces at the urban as well as the residential scale. The initial block is merged and fragmented by respecting the urban distances in relation to the border objects in the north, south and east. Fragmentation creates additional spaces for the apartments to have small terraces, also allowing floor to floor ceiling window in each unit to create open views of the city for the residents, to create an environment of a good life.
On the northern and eastern side, the object retracts and add depth to the façade, while on the other side, the façade is even, being unified with the other objects. The terracotta coatings in some of the modules of the three facades , makes them evident and emphasize the checkered pattern. This passage also provides access to commercial premises, offices and residential apartments, as the nucleus of connections is placed in its center vertical of the object, which consists of a group of 4 elevators and stairs against fires containing a vertical chimney for natural ventilation and removal the smoke. The public square created between the new building and the existing buildings to the south and birth, apart from solving a chaotic and degraded situation, creates a sense community and common space which will be accessed by the facilities that surround him.


Building Area (sqm) - 12,394 m2
Building Floors - 11
Underground Floors - 3
Building Height - 43,33 m

Lead Architect - Arch. Alban Efthimi
Project Manager - Arch. Suela Veizati
3D Artist - Arch. Kristi Arapaj


Kristi Arapaj