Shemiran Cineplex & Cultural Center (Cinema Topography)
Shemiran office and commercial center has been built in Shemiranat neighbourhood in Tehran.One of the neighbourhood features is the existence of Shemiranat gardens that provides delicate views from different floors in this complex.The fourth floor of the complex was designed as commercial use in the original design,and the cinema-related infrastructure, such as floor-to-ceiling height,the distance between the columns,facilities,etc.,were not considered.To compensate for the lack of space,despite the height restrictions,the team had to design various sections on two levels.For instance,under the cinema platforms,above the office and the bathroom were utilized as an auxiliary space.
The main design objective of the Shemiran cultural and cinematic complex was to create a focal point as an mediator between other floors by creating a different atmosphere.The circulation was designed to create a pause moment for visitors when entering the complex. As a complement,natural elements were incorporated to the interior.
Therefore,natural materials such as vegetation and wood were replaced with hard materials. Also,in this project,cultural gathering space were created as a natural landscape area in the interior space.
The design team goal was to create an interesting hang-out indoor space in a natural fashion. The intention was,after visitors enter the site and circulate through the floors and finally reach the fourth floor,suddenly experience an outdoor natural space inside the complex.The soul of this space entices the visitors and provide excitement,ample discourse and increase human interaction.
The connecting element of the halls is a green lobby(cultural platform),which acts as the focal point of the complex.
The sitting as the turning point of the space,is a monument in the form of topographic lines with gardens of natural plants,which provides the opportunity for people to stay longer and perform social and cultural interactions while waiting and holding various events.
The form of topographic lines has also been used in the design of functional objects such as ticket and snacks counters and planter boxes designed in different parts of the lobby.The simulation of the natural environment and the creation of an interior landscape are enhanced by the design of green walls and wooden strips curved walls in the cinema halls.




Name: Shemiran Cineplex & Cultural Center (Cinema Topography)
Location: Tehran, Iran, Shemiran Office Commercial Center, Fourth Floor
Architect: AmirHossein Ashari
Client: Seyed Mojtaba Nemati
Operator: Mohsen Khabaz
Design Partners: Zahara Jafari, Elnaz Amini Khanimani, Ehsan Shabani, Zahra Rahimi
Function: Cinema
Executive Team: Pezhman Zamanifar
Structure :Saman Mehr Design & Equipment Company (Shahrad Farifteh)
Mechanical Structure: Saman Mehr Design & Equipment Company (Shahrad Farifteh)
Supervision: AmirHossein Ashari
Graphics: Zahra Jafari, Sara Nazemi
3D Renders: Mostafa Yektarzadeh, Ehsan Shabani
Research: Elnaz Amini Khanimani
Coordinatoor: Asma Sirjani Asl
Photographer: Hamid Yazdanpanah
Area: 1800 m2


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