Human instinct is to admire everything that is beautiful, and everything has its own beauty, its definition is limitless, deep, and has endless horizons. We can find beauty in nature (plants, animals, oceans, sky, stars ...etc.). And we can find beauty in things we are not expected to find beauty in it. It all depends on the eye of the beholder. One of these types is connected to humans. In this project, the misconception about human’s beauty definition will be corrected, receiving a hidden message in each stage. The human’s beauty types: Body-mind - soul.

The project solves some problems such as:
− From the psychological side:
1- The general definition of beauty is attached to appearance only. In this project, we are going to correct this misconception, beauty is a combination between body beauty, mind beauty, and soul beauty.
2- Nowadays, society puts beauty standards, humans are evaluated according to them, some people resort to plastic surgeries to make their looks better thinking they would achieve perfection. That is a serious problem that should be solved; our natural look is what makes us special, we don’t have to be copies of each other, we must not lose the spark that makes us different.
3- Negative consequences resulting from lack of confidence in appearance, personality, and abilities. If I couldn’t see the beauty in my appearance, I'll be insecure or resort to excessive plastic surgeries to achieve perfection. And if I couldn’t see the beauty of my mind, I can't unleash my potential. Finally, if I couldn’t see the beauty in my soul, the result will be self-loathing and other psychological problems.

− From the economical side:
1 - Our country needs economic returns and incomes that support the economy, this project will be an attraction for tourists.
2- People spend a lot of money doing plastic surgeries, wasting their money.

Aims and Objectives:
− From the psychological side:
1 - enhance self-confidence for humans hope to increase it
2 - Correcting the misconceptions
− From the economical side:
1- brings an economic return to the country
2 - encourage tourism

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The project consists of three main blocks: body block, mind blocks, and soul block.
Each one contains a group of functions that support its ideas.
1- The body mass contains galleries and workshops that support the idea of being satisfied with our natural appearance.
2- In the mind mass, there are exhibitions and workshops to unleash our potential.
3- In the Soul mass, there is a spiritual space to meditate.

main functions:
1- Lobby
2- Galleries and exhibitions
3- Workshops
4- administration area
5- Restaurant
6- Out-door areas

Designed by: Joud Nayfeh

Supervised by: Arch. Yasmine Soudi

Inside-Out Museum by joud nayfeh in Jordan won the WA Award Cycle 42. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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