(REVITALIZATION CRAFTS HUB ) to go with the flow or to go beyond
While Choosing , the land , the main theme I wanted to walk with is choosing a Land Full of opportunities , and there it comes , what is it? is it challenging , it must be full of visions , exposure of my architecture identity , that's when I decided to walk through old historic alleys to get there , to choose a land observed by UNESCO as a boundary , urban edge of old historic Cairo , ( next to al hattaba neighborhood ) , a lot of observations started to come to my mind , so layers to be seen , most important one is social aspect one , to make a project to identify the neighborhood of (hattaba), poor quality of life exists , great monuments through , Residents are talented of crafts , if you put talent (community gathering ) , educational halls to knowledge which is ( design studios ) you get the exposure ( final product ) which is expo … and crafts workshops are through the journey to identify appreciation , landscape , facades were inspired by surroundings to make it fit to the land as a focal point of Cairo, its going beyond , form was to follow up the urban fabric theme which is compact , a full of series of challenges created the project , changed my whole point of the land of opportunities , its full of challenges , history , social , urban fabric , so layers that would contribute in the architects identity...… its GOING BEYOND... , A storytelling of the experience of dealing with heritage sites was written...



the structure system was built to be adopted to the nature of land , building with stone , to face existing hot climate surrounding , air ventilation towers ( vernacular ones ) was used to identify the facades , and an environmental approach too , skylight to enter lights through between alleys ….

Designer : Nour Sherif Kamal
Supervisor : Eman Hatem Ayad


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