The development of this project is focused on the creation of a large office to be used by a single person. In addition to achieving an environment with a very masculine character, it was very important to consider all the necessary areas within this magnificent private to create an affable and functional environment.

The work area was defined with the desk and the essential elements for the development of all the activities of the executive, there is also a meeting room that was made residential, looking for a place to hold work and social meetings as needed. the case. A large screen was included to be able to present or have remote meetings in a very comfortable and casual way. The meeting table is also part of the set and the client also requested a full bathroom within the same space. The space made it possible to achieve a very integrated office, without divisions, a very spacious private room with direct access to a pleasant terrace.

An anteroom was created with the aim of having enough space for a future growth of operational elements in face-to-face format and that also fulfills the function of receiving visitors, for which a station was defined for the assistance and/or reception staff. Throughout the area, we sought to have a very simple and functional configuration in accordance with the concept of the entire project.

The height was maximized and a selection of materials was made to harmonize with the casual and cozy atmosphere. Textures were played with by means of wooden lambrines on certain walls, others with a partition-type cladding to achieve a slightly more rustic accent connecting the vintage-type accents and the simplicity of the timeless context.

The color palette is neutral, a wood-like vinyl material was selected for the floors, which has interesting acoustic properties, as well as being very easy to install and has basic maintenance. The armchairs discreetly stand out with their camel-colored leather, nuanced by the terracotta of the partition and the gray and neutral tones of the painted walls, highlighting the nature of the engineered stave wood of the lambrines.



Category: Corporate
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Start: August 2021
Conclusion: November 2021
Area: 132 m2

Project design: ARCO Contemporary Architecture
Arch. Bernardo Lew
Arch. José Lew
Arch. José Memun
Collaborators: Oscar Sarabia, Azucena Santillán, Rebeca Villa, Adalid Mendoza, Miguel Ocampo, Federico Teista, Cynthia Luna, Beatriz Canuto


Jaime Navarro