Main idea behind the design was to create a sustainable building, using natural materials and emphasizing their natural beauty. It was relevant because the site allows a natural sunlight and is located in a very natural environment, surrounded by olive groves.

The structure was placed on the east-west axis, taking into account the climate of the region, the benefit of sunlight and the dominant Taurus Mountains view during the settlement.

Located in Antalya, Yeşilbayır, surrounded by olive groves, this residence is planned as three floors, including a basement.

Considering its natural positioning, such sustainability decisions were taken according to the environment itself. The use of natural wood would be a futile decision when one considers highly calcic waters around the site.

On the ground floor, a maximum permeable atmosphere is created between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Thus, a comfortable living space has been planned between the living room, kitchen, patio and garden for the daily use of the owner. Spatial integrity is achieved by combining the open plan kitchen and living room with a large dining table.

In addition, the project includes a pool house for special guests and a technical volume where all the infrastructure of the house is managed.

"Using materials in their natural and plain forms", is the most characteristic design element in this project, also showed itself in this project, and the suitability of the materials for the climate, durability and sustainability were the reasons for preference in material selection.

Lighting planning has been integrated into the design from the very beginning and has become another significant feature.

The way to sustainability starts with one easy step. Compactness. This 70 sqm store has everything to offer as a store design. Any design, not being compact cannot be sustainable. Any design based on compactness is p sustainable at the design phase.



Project Name: SGA Residence
Project Location: Antalya, Turkey
Project Firm: REDA
Project Year: 2020
Total Construction Area: 700 Sqm
Photo credit: Kadir Aşnaz

Project Team: Çağıl Akçurin
Project Firm: REDA
Design Team: Çağıl Akçurin