Mental Health has always been one of the most important parts of our lives. It has a great effect not only on our daily life but also on our physical health. Children themselves are also one of the most important assets of a society therefor it is important how and in what condition children are raised. Especially when it comes to diseases like cancer these factors plays an important role in the patients healing process and life. Due to their condition most of these children don`t get to have a childhood they deserve. They usually spend a lot of time in hospitals and have to deal with a lot of stress sometimes away from loved ones who they themselves are under a lot of pressure and stress. These children and their parents need spaces that can answer all their needs. Spaces that can pay attention to all their mental and physical aspects. A Space far away from stress and pressure somewhere where they can perhaps feel like children again. The mental stability of the parents also play a significant role in the healing process while they are the ones that make the important decision when it comes to the treatment therefore their mental health needs to be in a position that allows them to make better decisions. children also get affected from their parents so their calmness is very important to them. The aim of this project is take these children away from a stressful life and re connect them not only with nature but also their loved ones in hope of helping them through this hard process.


Typology: Cancer Center for Children With Cancer
Location: Tehran - Iran
Site Area: 18.000 m2
Built-up Area: 9.000 m2

Supervisor: DR. Nastaran Torabi
Designer: Arefeh Goodarzi


Arefeh Goodarzi