Whether we are aware of this process that surrounds and transforms data and data flow, let's keep from developing technology and directing our age; theft of our data has many consequences, from wars to nuclear threats. When these processes are examined, one of the biggest dangers of the transformation of data into knowledge and knowledge into understanding and opinion is data leaks and wars. These leaks can threaten highly sensitive institutions and infrastructures, including health, banking, security and energy systems. Therefore, it is possible that problems such as climate and energy, together with the threat of war and nuclear, may cause the end of our world and its ecology.
According to the data of the World Nuclear Data Security agency, 20 of the 47 nuclear power countries constitute the majority with a 0 index nuclear data security score ( NTI Index Website). Based on these data, there are great personal and social threats and dangers in the flow and storage of the data and Big Data. Many current and past wars also have been threatening the planet in the context of the nuclear and climate crisis. The Stuxnet crisis is a prime example of this. Therefore, the content of the project started in plain language and research on these possible crises. And language of architecture aims to describe the problem and provide the future needs of the humanity.
As it turned out, a scenario was created by focusing on the threats in the transformation of the data age and the data concept into knowledge and understanding, and an architectural program was prepared on the dystopian environment as a result of this scenario. This artificial situation is trying to reach its own utopia at the end, which is searching for the Second Life for humanity. Scenario created as three linear period of times; the first of these is dangers and threats against the world and its nature. That conjuncture of the Data and Big Data pool examined, searched and analyzed and after the definition of Data, which is Facts or numbers, collected to be examined and considered and used to help decision-making, or information in an electronic format that can be stored and used by a computer (Cambridge Dictionary), the problems were identified. Especially, “to help decision-making” part of the definition was focused and analyzed. Because the power shapes the decision-making process in terms of collecting, storing and use of data. And the power in the world shapes the data pool and individuals. According to the lots of facts, this period of time including present is named as "Big Data is Watching You". Those data leaks can cause personal data leaks and thefts ( Facebook, Google, and Uber scandals) to nuclear threats ( Stuxnet). To unfold this existing threads, nuclear threat is taken in to consideration to represent the Data and Big Data Crisis’ possible consequences. So thinking on the power and data relationship gave birth to this Catastrophe.
As second the Catastrophe period is the time that, the explosions all over the world as a result of series of nuclear data leaks and the resulting nuclear leaks have brought humanity together for a single purpose, as a result of bringing humanity together and establishing a single country system called Pangea, and as the ecology on the planet is no longer sustainable; that is to create the Second Life.
In this direction, Pangea seeks society, technology and science in space, seeking the Second Life in an ecology-destroyed world and trying to establish the continuity of life. For this, old airports and space stations are chosen as central points to create Second Life. The most important of these is Atatürk Airport with its intercontinental location and aviation history. Dataerospace's research and development also performs functions such as educating the society and adapting it to the Second Life under these existential problems. Such as; polluted air, water sources and the earth. Although humanity has always been seeking for the continuation of the life on the World, managed to get those second chances, this time there is no hope on the planet. The world does not forgive what happened to the nature, so humanity is abandoned from its nature, and have to face to this reality. After humanity has understood that there is no hope to “fix” and “repair” the nature, they try to seek for the Second Life in the space.


Technical Data: Infrastructure of Dataerospace and its expressionist disposition rely on the technical needs such as; Space Track Systems, Data Fusion , Earth Purification Laboratories, Water Tanks and Air Strainers.
Area: 17000 square meters
Location: Istanbul/Turkey

Designer: Tuncer Ceyhan
Instructors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ebru Yılmaz, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ülkü İnceköse


Tuncer Ceyhan

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