In accordance with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, the project is an artistic center focused on advocating and raising awareness for plastic recycling, and showcasing recycling techniques through art, following the principle of artivism (activism achieved through art). The center delivers its purpose with an interpretive approach by creating an immersive environment and participatory activities for users to illustrate the issue of plastic waste mismanagement and the significance of recycling as a solution.
The activities of the center include: an exhibition area illustrating the issue of plastic waste mismanagement and the significance of recycling, as well as a display of artworks and products made using 3D-filament extrusion, mechanical recycling, and repurposing of plastic; workshops and participatory activities for kids and adults in which they can craft their own artworks using the mentioned techniques; an area dedicated to awareness events and live art shows by local artists using recycled plastic; and a research department to work on developing and studying recycling technologies and how they could be used in fine and applied arts. Other areas include: reception and orientation zone, mini cafeteria, retail area, storage, and building services.

The concept of the project is "Freeform in a Geometric Context": it's inspired from the forms resulting from the plastic recycling process. The process's melting stage results in free-form, abstracted, and fluid patterns and shapes. At the same time, most of the resulting products have a geometrical outline enclosing these free-form patterns. So, the concept relies on implementing free-forming/fluidity and presenting it within a geometrical context. The chosen architectural plan, which represents the context, has geometrical outermost lines. Fluidity is applied through circulation, furniture, and interior treatments within each zone.


The building has a skeleton system structure with flat slabs. Interior treatments follow a fluid form using cladding made of recycled plastics and applying the showcased recycling techniques. The project involves plans and cross-sections with technical detailing.

Designed by: Farida Abdelhamid Osman
Supervised by: Professor Dr. Rasha El Zeiny, Professor Dr. Hoda Madkour, Professor Dr. Dalia Ezzat, Professor Dr. Ola Hashem, Professor Dr. Ahmed Abdelhalim, and Lecturer Assistant Rasha El Shiaty

The Artivist Center for Plastic Recreational Recycling by Farida Abdelhamid in Egypt won the WA Award Cycle 42. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Farida Abdelhamid