The project is located in the south of Thua Thien - Hue province, Vietnam has a significant advantage in terms of natural potential, especially in the area characterized by hills and rivers. The project's biggest challenge comes from the location that the project is located under the Bach Ma mountain range with the largest rainfall in the country and lasts for half a year combined with complex hilly terrain. The design team chose a planning solution that respects and completely relies on nature, exploiting the topographic landscape, the high hills, and the low slopes forming different landscape spaces. The architectural solutions of the works in the project are designed based on a common triangular module to be able to adapt to any terrain in nature. With the use of the triangular module, the blocks are Shaped quite flexibly and freely, in the overall context, the architectural works will appear as a part of nature, like rocks, like small hills, mingling with each other. The functional part is arranged inward to form awning cushions suitable for the local climate. The solution for building materials for the works in the project is to take advantage of construction materials in the area such as split stone, granite, sand, wood, etc. to be environmentally friendly, limiting transportation during construction. The Triangle 434 Resort is a project that Aplus aspires to inspire in terms of absolute respect for nature, limiting terrain leveling, and honoring indigenous values.


Integrative thinking is based on a sustainable design strategy that minimizes the impact of the construction process on nature and the environment. Based on the weather characteristics of Hue, the construction solution will be assembled from prefabricated modules at the factory, in order to reduce the construction time. The structural system of the modular roofs is made from the core of the local acacia tree - a short-term crop and is usually only used in the outer bark for paper production.

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