Project title: Egyptian wax museum
Project Site: The administrative capital - the city of arts and culture -Egypt

What is the Egyptian Wax Museum?
An educational and entertaining museum that displays the chronology of the history of Egypt in the form of statues
And scenes and others to shed light on the historical figures who influenced the history of Egypt, such as kings, scientists, presidents, writers, athletes, and others.

Design philosophy
Time is the only witness to our history
The design philosophy relies on suggesting time travel when passing through successive halls in which each hall expresses a stage in the history of Egypt and meeting historical personalities

A design with lines that express time and movement in it in order to give a sense of entering from one time to another, and each hall has a unique design that simulates this period in the history of Egypt

design lines
Since the design is related to movement in time, I chose to be the design lines
Inspired by the clock and the movement of hands that generate smooth circular and spiral lines that express time in order to give the visitor a sense of moving through time.
Halls and museum display track

The museum consists of several exhibition halls. Each hall expresses a period of Egypt's history. The halls are arranged chronologically for the history of Egypt. The halls start from the oldest
Ancient Egyptian Hall
And it ends with the present hall
The museum also contains administrative and service spaces among others

-Display units are dioramas
Each diorama contains a statue of a famous or historical figure. Each statue is surrounded by a design related to the character
Design simulates a part of personal life
Each hall differs from the other, as each hall simulates a period in the history of Egypt in terms of design lines, colors and others, so that I give the visitor a feeling that he has gone back in time to this period and met the characters as if they were living with us in the present



reception area
Waiting area
Museum entrances
VIP Hall
ticket office
Souvenirs area
manager room
Meeting room
Convention Hall
current era hall
Ancient Egyptian Hall
Greco-Roman hall
Hall (Coptic Era)
Hall (Islamic era)
Hall of Muhammad Ali
hologram hall
repair room
electricity room

The materials used
grc because it is suitable for formations and curved lines
And other materials such as wood, concrete, glass, acrylic and others

Technology and interactive display

The display units are surrounded by advanced interactive screens, holograms and other interactive means so that it is easier for the visitor to explain information about each character and give other information such as places related to the personality such as temples, palaces or monuments related to the personality, which encourages the visitor to visit other archaeological places in Egypt, which Tourism is more active in Egypt

Project designed and presented by : Amr Sherif Abdel Wahab
Mansoura University - Faculty of Fine Arts - Department of Interior Architecture
Under the supervision of
Dr. Heba Hamdy

Egyptian wax museum by Amr Shreif in Egypt won the WA Award Cycle 42. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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