Located in one of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico most exclusive gated communities this residence follows all the guidelines established by the developer using the regional materials and colors, however the project´s treatment marks a clear distinction waiving to the Mexican clichés translated to architectonic ornaments.

Consequently, the materialized design maintains a contemporary language in harmony with its immediate context and the region, but with clear geometrical formal elements, favoring in the exterior and interior of the house, transparency, and simplicity.

Thus, a trapezoidal stone base that reaches the first and second level, emphasizes the main access and the service area located on the lateral facade in a discrete white volume. This stone skin that is perceived from the outside is reflected in the interiors containing the public areas of the house —living room, dining room and a garden terrace— and the vertical circulation that leads to the second level, the private areas, bedrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms. The family room is located on the highest level, a glass pavilion and terrace/balcony that in the same way as the bedrooms and main public areas, opens towards the golf course with privilege views towards the west. This façade is visible from the distance standing out by its Cardón cactus fence, avoiding the use of a metal division, and opening to the backyard. From the golf course green, the house has a unique personality surrounded by lavish grass and mist that form part of the landscape.

Concerned not just by the image, but by the conditions to inhabit all the spaces, the materials meet the climate conditions that combined with a crossed ventilation system and the double heights create a perfect indoors micro climate.

The windows are the distinctive element of this project: homologated by its vertical composition, during the day bringing in light and air and by night breaking the stone impenetrability transforming into large-scale luminaries.



Location: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México
Photography: Marcos Betanzos

Architectural Project: Boué Arquitectos / Arq. Gerardo Boué