#Water as a luxury.
House is designed in the spirit of #modernism, mainly for #summer #holidays with an #infinitypool.The building is in the water In the closed form the design of the building is stylized with doric columns. The shape of the building is a two funneles, as a constructive solution for collecting rainfall. The layout of the premises is transforme from two spaces, relax and for active pastime. The sea side of the building is completely open for an excellent view , from all premises. The building along the whole perimeter is tightly loses by sliding wall panels, which are parked in the back of the building.
A similar type building can also be exploited in arid areas, using consruction to groundwater or condensation moisture


Total building area — 400.5 m2
Building volume — 1756 m3
The pool mirror — 450 m2
Form of construction — monolithic frame.
Materials — concrete, polymer concrete, glass, metal, teak wood
Project budget — $3.7 million

Gydey Valery (Gidei Valeriu)