Moment Bestepe, is designed by GOKHAN AKSOY ARCHITECTS, is an 85.000 m2 office project located on two parcels by the new Government Palace. The project is focused on free time concept with variable common spaces shared by offices. Building mass is composed of six rectangular pieces merged together creating common spaces such as balconies and terrace gardens at the merging points. Natural light and air circulation is provided through these openings into the main gallery where all the offices are connected. Meetings, resting, eating and alternative activities can take please in reserved spaces that can be reached through the main Gallery. For offices to have optimum light and view Service spaces are located at the back side of the building. A linear commercial street defined with arcades and a green vegetation barrier is placed on the ground floor parallel to the boulevard with dense car traffic and high noise pollution.



Location: Ankara, Turkey
Client: Moment Yapi
ConstructionStatus: In Progress
Construction Starting Date: 2015
Project Starting Date: 2015
Site Area: 6582m²+3678m²
Construction Area: 84.900m²
The project is located on two different lots. The building hosts 330 Offices and 24 Stores. Meeting rooms, resting rooms, meeting rooms and terraces are located in the building as common spaces.

Gökhan Aksoy
Zeynep Seyhan
Gülşah Aykaç
Derya Yılmaz


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