Sierra is a Mixed use project located on Eskişehir Road, one of the main axes of the city. Building is composed of commercial ressidential units.
Main focus of the design is to seperate commercial and residential through a green base to provide a quite space away from the crowds and traffic. Commercial units are collected around the inner courtyard, which is directly connected to the main axe of the city, while housing units are placed on the green base seperated from commercial ground.
Fragmented masses composed of residential units breakes down the scale. These pieces are positioned at different angles providing different light effects, preventing the houses from looking at each other, and the huge massive effect.
This fragmentation , which is also supported by the gradient effect of the materials used, has become the main criterion in the design and has provided the feeling of capture of the human scale within the complex.


Building area: 117000 m2
composed of 37 commercial unit, 420 residential unit.

Gökhan Aksoy
Ayşin Sevgi
Zeynep Seyhan
Kerime Vural
Evin Kangal