Adres Yalıkavak, is designed in the partnership of AS ARCHITECTS & GOKHAN AKSOY ARCHITECTS, stands in the seaside resort of Yalikavak in Bodrum, the most popular leisure site of Turkey, is a multiple residence project consisted of 43 villas, 36 flats and social buildings.
Since the project’s main aim was to create a residential project that integrates itself respectfully with its surroundings, AdresYalıkavak should be evaluated as contemporary interpretation of vernacular Bodrum Housing.
Although Bodrum is generally thought as a location for summerhouses, it is aimed to create an all-year-long lively campus that meets any needs for its occupants.
Since Bodrum is known with its traditional vernacular architecture, AdresYalıkavak addresses local building elements both rough&fine natural stones.
Every housing is situated according to landscape so that each of them has a very exclusive panoramic seaside setting without an interruption by one other block.
Project’s selected layout is totally pedestrian friendly. There is no interruption of driveways, hidden underground levels thanks to the terraced settling of houses.



Location: Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey
Client: M2 ConstructionStatus: In Progress
Construction Starting Date: 2014
Project Starting Date: 2014
Site Area: 60.000m²
Construction Area: 30.000m²
The project is consisted of 43 seperate villas, 36 flats and social houses such as beach club, restaurant, swimming pool, sports facility and sales units.
32 of the villas are provided with swimming pool, 3 parking garage and outbreak room.


ADRES YALIKAVAK by AYSIN SEVGI KARAKURT in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 25. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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