The project is located in Kalecik, a county of Ankara famous for its award-winning grapes. The cultural center is going to be the first convention building in Kalecik, thus it is designed more as a hybrid town hall than a conventional cultural center. The design features two large-scale halls in addition to a range of recreational activities, which are connected by an "experience loop". The experience loop is a network of inner streets and plazas that connect the building functions and serve as a space for spontaneous social contact among the citizens.
The building greets the user with a canopy supported by parametric-designed diagrid columns, which also act as luminaires for perimeter lighting. The columns are powered by PV cells on the roof. The building also embodies passive heating and cooling strategies and separate heating zones for greater power efficiency. To decrease the overall carbon footprint, stones from local quarries and local wood work with lower embedded energy are preferred in the design.


Gross Floor Area: 6545m²

Structural Engineering: Özün Proje + Statica
Mechanical Engineering: Beseli Engineering
Electrical Engineering: MPY Engineering

KALECIK CULTURAL CENTER by Motto Architecture in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 25. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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