The reason for the design process is to address details that the designer may not have addressed at the beginning of the project.
The details serve the generalities of the work, and in the first stages of design, the generalities of the work must be formed so that the details can be in perfect harmony with them.
At first, the design may seem like a lot of vague issues, and as we go through the steps, the ambiguities will disappear and more details will appear.
Using Accent Wall is one of the most effective and great ways to change the mood of your room or house without spending so much time and money.
The use of Accent Wall or the index wall in interior decoration is very close to the meanings of the word Accent. In fact, you choose one of the walls of the room you want; Then, by painting, using wallpaper, putting up a painting, or something like that, you can make the wall look bigger than the adjacent walls.
Use bold colors or colors that attract a lot of attention
If you choose Accent Wall, you should not be afraid to use bold colors or those that attract a lot of attention (purple, purple, orange, etc.). The only point is that the color you use should be in perfect harmony with the color and decoration of other walls and parts of the room. As long as you follow this rule, you can use any color.
To highlight the index wall is not just by painting it; For example, instead of painting, you can tile or stone the wall. Using shelves with various designs and colors on the wall can be another way to turn it into an accent wall. Another solution is to differentiate the wall from other parts and walls of the room by installing paintings or photo boards instead of painting. Remember that your hand is completely open to design the index wall, and with taste and a little initiative, you can distinguish it from other parts as you wish.



In order for the employer to have a better ability to make decisions, we have examined different alternatives and presented different options to the employer. Four different designs with different materials on the floor and walls allowed the employer to have a more beautiful choice. We used up-to-date materials to design to fit today's buildings
The aim of this team to redesign the interior of this residential building was that in the previous plan of this building, there was no suitable space for receiving guests and also family members did not have an environment for gathering, thus creating a modern living space for family members Using this space, in addition to the use of family members, they can also create a suitable environment for guests

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