About Project:-
The National Center for Water Research is considered the main arm of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, as the center is based on studies related to water in all fields in the country. Many ways that help in providing water. Therefore, this center (the National Water Research Center) was chosen for its renewal, which is a center consisting of several buildings. The building of the research institutes was chosen, and this building consists of 8 floors each floor for a specific department in the water research field.
-Drainage Institute which c chosen to be renewed in a futuristic vision with intelligent materials and technology that helps to accelerate the research process and the requirements for researcher and engineering
The aims of the project :
- Reaching to interior design guidelines that improve the performance of water research centers.
- Introduce different intelligent technology and design trends that can impact the performance of water research centers and explore the optimal performance.
- Enhance the ways that makes the water research centers impact positively on the environment and reduce the counter resources.
Location: El Qanater Elkhiria ,Elqalubia ,Egypt.
Date of building: Established in 1975.
Description: Establishment for varied water research activities in Egypt. The National Water research center (NWRC) as the research arm of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI)). NWRC has twelve research institutes exert cooperative efforts to implement a comprehensive research set up serving in progress comes and national development plans generally.
Project Concept :-
Concept :-Achieving sustainability to help that type of centers be environmentally Friendly building
Inspired from:- the chemical and physical symbol of the water atom
the philosophy behind the concept :- Saving natural resources specially (water resources ), starting from designing water centers because it is the start point to save that source by using the physical properties of water atom which conclude : refraction, reflection and absorption and from the chemical properties of water atom is the geometrical lattice when the atom are bounded together
project main zones :-
1- Reception , It is the starting point of the institute consisting of two areas: - the information desk and the waiting area, the two floors are connected in the reception area, with the presence of Sky Light linking the two floors with each other, and the reception area consists of smart materials such as Nano - fabrics , Bio epoxy , bio plastic , bio -wall paint and Nano - glass coating and smart systems for ventilation , air conditioner and lighting
2- Labs , The laboratories are an important area in the institute where some water samples are analyzed before sending them to the central laboratory area, the laboratory area consists of two areas. The workstation area and the examination and testing area. The lab consists of smart materials, such as Bio epoxy , bio plastic , bio -wall paint and Nano - glass coating and smart systems for ventilation , air conditioner and lighting
3- Meeting Room , This meeting room will be separated into two different moods. First mood is consisted of
two rooms for discussions and meetings. Second mood the two rooms that can be transform to one big room and this used for big discussions and meetings and it provided with intelligent technology.



1-Air Ventilation system
Renson Endura Twist is a decentralized fresh air ventilation system integrated with windows. The filters the outside polluted air for 1-micron level using PM1 filters and supplies the pure fresh air in the house. It has a heat exchanger inbuilt that stores the AC energy of the indoor air in the heat exchanger. As the fans turn every 30 seconds, the heat exchanger passes the stored heat to the fresh incoming air and a pleasant, pre-cooled air is blown into the room. Due to the continuous cyclic operation of the alternating fans, it ensures a constant air supply and air extraction, the customer can enjoy an optimal air quality at any time. It offers quick installation without ducts and easy maintenance that makes it ideal for both new-builds as renovations. During the cool nights of a hot summer, the system automatically switches to bypass mode due to the integrated temperature sensors. The Endura Twist blows fresh outdoor air in, extracts hot indoor air without any heat recovery and in doing so, it freshens the house.
2-Air condition system: (MLZ Series One-Way Ceiling Cassette by Mitsubishi Electric)
This ceiling cassette can be serviced directly from beneath the unit. the MLZ Series One-Way Ceiling Cassette offers adjustable airflow and is compatible with most thermostats. The compact heating and cooling unit, designed to fit between standard 16"-spacing between floor joists, measures 44" wide by 14" long, and 7" high. Offered with a built-in condensate lift mechanism, the ceiling cassette can be serviced directly from beneath the unit. And it could be found in a customized cases and variety of sizes .
3-Lighting System:
An entire range dedicated to indoor and outdoor lighting designed to meet all the requirements of a complete lighting project. With their streamlined and compact design, these fixtures can be seamlessly integrated in any context. The different solutions available can handle lumens ranging from 1000lm to 5000lm with absolute control of light emission toward the pavement. Its Specifications:-
• MATERIAL CHARACTERISTICS :- Fixing base in extruded anodized EN AW-6060 aluminum housing (copper free) with high corrosion resistance. Transparent silicone end caps for LED circuit and aluminum EN AW-47100 caps for the extruded parts. Mechanical resistance IK 08 Maximum load capacity
• INSTALLATION AND MANTEINANCE :- Cuttable sections of 5cm: The light source and the aluminum profile of continuous rod can be easily sectioned. The circuitry length may be reduced to sections of 5cm and multiples. The lighting body is supplied in modules of 1, 2 or 3m, joinable up to the desired length
4-Windows and doors (Glass) systems :-
Nano glass Coating with Projection Glass technology in windows is used in such a way that light transmission properties are changes when voltage, light or heat is applied to it. The glass generally has PET films coated with transparent metal deposit. These films are them laminated together with liquid crystals between them and is layered between two EVA inter layers. It is further laminated between two pieces of toughened glass. Here is how it works: - These windows work using electrochromic technique to change the state of the window from transparent to opaque when electronic voltage is applied to them. It can be triggered using wall switches, remote control, light sensors and even timers can be used to change it in less than 0.01 sec. In this way, it takes just few seconds to change it from transparent to opaque state and vice versa.
5-touch screens systems :-
1-Transparent touch screens bring two innovative technologies together to create a cutting-edge display that is hard to ignore.At its heart, the transparent LCD screen delivers HD or 4K images (depending on screen size) just like a standard professional display. The key difference is that the screen substrate is clear: white pixels appear fully transparent, black ones opaque. And the full range of RGB colors in between have semi-transparent properties that can be used to great creative effect with the content you design.
2-Multi-Touch Switchable Smart Glass Screen Walls.Turn instantly at the flick of a switch from a clear glass panel into an HD/4K rear projection screen with a multi-touch interactive surface. Multi-Touch Switchable Smart Glass Screens are available in standard sizes from 65″-134″ diagonal or as modular glass wall panels & partitions up to 1500 x 3000mm. With a 6-point infrared touch frame, this product can be used by up to 6 people at a time, making it suited for collaborative work or presentation-based applications.

Designed and Presented by Amany Yousry Hussein Mohamed Khafagy
Assisted by Prof/Rasha El-zainy ,Prof/Hoda Madkor, Prof/Dalia Ezzat ,Prof/Asmaa Awad


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