is one of the largest online travel agency in USA. The company facilitates the provision of travel services from its suppliers to its clients and enables discount rates for travel-related purchases such as airline tickets and hotel stays.
Priceline have opened up their engineering, development and operations center in Mumbai location for North American travel market. Priceline was seeking to create a space that is functional, flexible, and hospitable for their employees.
Being a technology office for the USA, this office opens up to receiving candidates for interviews and video conference meetings with the USA HQ office, hence meeting rooms in design planning was an important criterion.
The reception is the EVP (employee value proposition) area occupied mostly by candidates who come for interview. The reception stuns one with visual grandeur; the architects design play is astounding. The use of seemingly perfect combination of stone, wood, plants, bright rug and earthly shades of upholstery leads the onlooker to a trance of visual delight. The reception has 3 LED’s playing EVP related information – one will play CEO message another CTO / CHRO message and the third a slide show. The collaboration space with the telephone booths inside the entry lobby provides a visual expanse to the visitor.
A 4-pax meeting room adjoins the reception for entry level interview needs, the graphics inside emphasises role of women in the industry. As we move in, a 6-pax meeting room towards the right is adjoining the HR bay from the backside for seamless entry of HR personnel from their bay. Every meeting room is equipped with room schedulers and VC capability. The meeting room scheduler outside is at the height based on wheelchair accessibility. All room name signs are in English and Braille for the visually impaired. Each room has a back painted glass as writing board and on each side is installed a metal plate to place the magnetic duster with markers. The choice of quirky, dual shade chairs with wooden armrest in meeting rooms is definitely inviting.
Priceline India promotes women and specially challenged in Technology, the industry has a 20 % ratio for women and aim to achieve 50% in the next 2-3 years. The mother’s room is designed with this sentience.
The architect predominantly engages in tones of blue and earthly shades that complements the logo and theme of the office. One can’t miss the exquisite detailing, use of plants and elements that revere Indian art and craft. The wall graphics lead the onlooker through beautiful journey across the world and Mumbai city.
The space is enriched with a Multi-purpose hall which can be used as a Library, Yoga / Meditation centre and also convertible to a training room with flexible seating options. The design of this area is invigorating where all the elements of “ resimercial design “ comes alive and seems to perfectly encapsulate the wellness of domestic life. One is never out of home here!
The idea of a visible open café adjoining the work bay is a bold one; its proximity to free standing and regular meeting rooms makes this area completely unfettered. The main café is open to fun with foosball, casual seating and extends itself to an enthralling experience to a double ceiling room adorned with Mumbai city iconic elements giving it a typical rustic look. Not to miss the actual street lamp and cycle having an attached digital screen for work out.
With its eclectic and curated office design, it is sure to instil a comfortable working space and hence contribute to an increase in productivity, creativity and motivation for the employees.



Use of carpets, LED light fixtures, acoustical cloud ceilings, natural plants, height adjustable workstations