A school is designed at Jaspur Fort on the banks of River Mahi in Vadodara ( Gujarat ). This design is done in a Contextual studio, where context is the main element on the site and the given site is highly undulating with counters. As it was on the bank of the river, many water valleys are passed throughout the site. The total difference between the ground level and the top level is around 16 meters.

The site's character is uneven, surrounded by the farmlands, and on the outskirts of the city with a hot and humid climate consisting of 200 x 180 meters of land. With respect to the site, we designed a school concerning the counter and it. We had used a natural vernacular and sustainable material i.e brick and stone corresponding to the favorable hot climate and a context ( heritage wall made up of bricks ).

The special character of the school is the undulating roof which is partially colored, transparent and solar angles for the solar panels. Every class is designed keeping in mind the beautiful view of the river that maximum class can have the benefit of the breeze and the river view. Each classroom has two doors and an extra given empty space for a recreational area. All the walls are at different angles at different heights and levels.

There is 3 division for primary, secondary, and higher secondary sections from which the higher secondary section is at the different counter and one has to go through the bridge where the valley gives the beautiful scenes and scenario during monsoon season and one can enjoy standing on the bridge.

The school is designed in that area where there is no noise pollutions of the city, no distractions from the vehicles, far away from the city where one can only feel the beautiful voices of the flowing water, creeping of birds, the sound of the breeze, at the first visit one feels that let me wait for while for this beautiful experiences.



Colledge Studio: Contextual studio
Type: Educational Building ( School )
Site Area: 36000 sqm

Parthvi Sanghadia and Kaustubh Panchal


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